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Kyrgyz Head Institute of Geotechnical Investigations


The Head Institute

Bokonbaev st. 138
Bishkek. 720040
Phone/fax: +(996312) 66 33 31

Osh City Company Branch

Kurmanjan Datka st. 224
Osh city
Kyrgyz Republic
Director: ph. +996-3222-2479
Chief engineer: ph. +996-3222-25513;
mob. +996-772-649596



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Geophysical investigations

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about OJSC "KyrgyzGIIZ"

"KyrgyzGIIZ" was established by the order of GosStroi of Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic from 26 December 1975 as main state organization for geotechnical and topographic investigations in the system of GosStroi of Kyrgyz SSR. In 1993 KyrgyzGIIZ became an open joint-stock company.

Now it is fully private company without state participation.

OJSC "KyrgyzGIIZ" consists of a central subdivision located in Bishkek city and a branch in Osh city.

Now the OJSC has geotechnical and topographic subdivisions.


Technical equipment:

The topographic subdivision is equipped with an electronic tacheometer ‘Leika TS06 Ultra-5’ in full set, high-precision theodolites, levels, telescopic alidade, and other conventional hardware.

The geotechnical subdivision includes geologists, geophysics, hydro-geologist and other  personnel involved by an agreement.

All engineers of OJSC “KyrgyzGIIZ” have valid certificates.

OJSC “KyrgyzGIIZ” has 10 self-powered drilling rigs and off-road vehicles necessary for fulfillment of all main and auxiliary works. See a photogallery

Also "KyrgyzGIIZ" has a chemical laboratory where high qualified personnel is working. The laboratory is equipped with a modern hardware.

The full complex of geotechnical investigations includes topographic survey, drilling, In Situ test, geophysical investigations and laboratory test of soil and ground water, making geotechnical report.

The latest our projects are:

  • 1. OJSC "ENEKS". Geophysical and geotechnical investigations for a Hydroplant 2 start-up, and building new objects of the Kambarata Hydroplant 2 on Naryn river. 2016.

  • 2. OJSC “Lengidroproekt”. Geotechnical investigations for design documentation grounds at a construction site of The Upper-Naryn Hydroplant 1-2-3 cascade. 2015.

  • 3. OJSC “Lengidroproekt”. A pioneer base and a highway for An Upper Naryn hydroplant. $21’371

  • 4. "Gazprom", Russia. Reconstruction of “Bukhara gassy region Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty” cross-country gas pipeline. 1st and 2nd stages, 1001-1113 km. 2015.

  • 5. “Kumtor Gold Company”, Canada. Transporting a gold recovery plant to "Kumtor" deposit - $308’188

  • 6. “Kumtor Gold Company”. Detailing geotechnical conditions of "Kumtor" tailings damp. 2016.

  • 7. “Kumtor Gold Company”. Gradual water-level lowering at Petrov lake. 2016.

  • 8. “Kumtor Gold Company”. Building up a dike of "Kumtor" tailings damp. 2015.

  • 9. CHINA PETROLEUM ENGINEERING CO. LTD SOUTHWEST COMPANY. Central Asia-China gas pipeline building, Line D (Kyrgyzstan-Chna, 215 km length). 2014.

  • 10. OJSC “KyrgyzAltyn”. A tailings damp of the Tereksai mine. $122’270

  • 11. “Altynken” Ltd. Taldybulak golden field project. The licence holders are Malaysia, Australia, Canada. $20’420

  • 12. A Kyrgyz president residence # 1.  $2’320

  • 13. “Kazakhmys Gold Kyrgyzstan” Ltd. Bozymchak golden field project. $36’867

  • 14. Nippon Koei Co. Study group JICA. “Manas” International Airport development project - a preliminary examination. $6’337

  • 15. Central Consultant Inc. A Kugart river bridge, 2013. $37’100

  • 16. “Datka” electrical substation (500 kV), Kemin village, Kyrgyz Republic. 2012.

  • 17. “ErToo Nur” Ltd for Central Consultant Inc. A Kugart river bridge, 2012. $10’200

  • 18. Sampling of 1st and 2nd tailings dams of Tereksai deposit (2009, the customer is "Adi Gold" Ltd, Turkey).

  • 19. Biological control laboratory in Bishkek city. The customer is the government of Canada (2008 – $26.000, 2009 – $25'000).

  • 20. "Ishtamberdy" Golden deposit. (2008 - $119'000, 2009 - $100'000).

Geotechnical investigations have been carried out at golden deposit Djerui for many years (2007-$76.000, 2008- $98.000). "KyrgyzGIIZ" has been working at close contact with "Golder Associates" design and survey company.



OJSC "KyrgyzGIIZ" has all necessary licences including the licence for topographic surveys of any scale, 1st (the highest) level of liability for geotechnical investigations, Gostekhnadzor permit for drilling and shaft-sinking and tunnelling etc.



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